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About Family Law

Divorce, custody and child support are some of the most common and complicated family law services a law firm can provide. Legal issues around marriage and children can be some of the most intense stress your family experiences. However, at Knight Law, we know that every family matter and domestic situation is different. You can call on James Knight at Knight Law for an attorney who will put your family’s needs first.

Child Custody

With Louisiana’s intricate child custody laws, you want an attorney who understands that child custody judgments hinge on many factors, from home environment, to whether the child has special needs, sibling relationships, how visitation is handled, or whether a child is old enough to decide with which parent they prefer to live. Child custody decisions even determine how parental decision-making may be shared.

Parenting After Divorce

Naturally, parents want what’s best for their child (or children) and so does James Knight. When parents split up, the care for the children is top of mind. The goal is to mediate a parenting plan that everyone can agree on, one that looks at visitation and even which parent can make what decisions. If both sides can’t agree, then the court must intercede and help determine the best interest of the child.

Property Division

Louisiana is a community property state. Community property can become a prickly point during divorce proceedings. Most people immediately think of real estate, as in “Who gets the house”, yet there are more items on the table during property division proceedings.

Do you have a retirement account? Investment accounts? Interest in or direct ownership of a business?

Those are also part of community property division considerations.

Community property settlement agreements can be fairly straightforward, in the case of a prenuptial agreement, or much more involved, if none exists. Once all property is assigned, divided, liquidated or otherwise agreed upon, the community property settlement agreement is legally recognized by Louisiana courts and publicly recorded.

Have you and your spouse decided to divorce? Not sure what to do next?

Contact James Knight at Knight Law, LLC for a family law consultation to learn how we can help make a difficult time, less difficult. Our family law services include help with paternity issues, family mediation, prenuptial agreements (aka the “prenup”) and adoption.