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What is real estate or property law?

Real estate law, aka property law, covers numerous areas related to property, including commercial real estate, easements, boundaries and partitions, transfer of property between individuals, mortgage related activities, and resolving issues linked to estates and successions. Regardless of your need, Knight Law assures a clean property transaction.

Knight Law’s real estate legal services are based in a complete understanding of Louisiana’s property laws as they’ve evolved since our firm began over 50 years ago. We work directly with fellow attorneys, title companies, banks and mortgage companies to assure clear title and transfer of ownership.

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Real Estate FAQ

To name just a few: chain of title (who owned what, when), ownership transfers, property description errors, right of way access to public road.

Sometimes a title is thought to be clear but a deep search turns up complications, maybe because of multiple heirs (owners) or an unclear title from a previous owner. If title isn’t cleared, your ownership can be questioned.

Every real property transfer needs to be treated as business to protect everyone involved. Relationships can change over time. Being sure the terms are clear and everyone is on the same page when real estate is involved can prevent misunderstanding later.

Time of property transfer depends on the real estate transaction.  A simple donation or sale where the property description is already provided can be executed in just a few days. However, a mortgage involving title insurance may take weeks depending on all of the parties involved.

Anytime property is involved, having an attorney who knows property law is essential.  Whether it’s reviewing the chain of title,  answering questions regarding the purchase / sale, or reviewing documents to make sure the intent is clear.  The mortgage company will use “their” attorney and while that’s not necessarily a bad thing, they are more focused on insuring the collateral (protection) for the mortgage company.